Atlantic Transportation Systems, Inc. is committed to helping provide drivers and pedestrians with a safe roadway experience.  Quality pavement markings, utility line locators, proper signage and efficient traffic signals are just some of the areas. 

Pavement markings are installed for crosswalk lines, stop bars, and arrow legends.  These installations can be painted, preformed or hot extruded (heated plastic).  ATS provides all of these types.  We can work with any pavement contractor, private owner, and/or school, etc. for parking or roadway markings. 

Before you dig, Pennsylvania has a PA One Call system in place to identify utility lines.  ATS has the equipment and experience to identify these utility lines.  Please call us at (717) 254-6795 before you dig!

Proper signs are needed and mandated by federal and state laws.  Knowing these various sign shapes, colors, sizes is one of our specialties.  If you are in need of a directional sign (arrows, business locations, parking, etc.) we can help.  Call us at (717) 254-6795.

Installation, maintenance, and inspection of traffic signals along with the cabinet and full intersection requirements are our specialty.  We are a third party inspection firm making sure contractors comply with roadways, traffic signals, and street lighting. With our years of experience we are capable of ensuring compliance with state and federal Department of Transportation requirements along private and municipal project requests.